Training session for medical staff of #Tineo Health Center (#Asturias)

Last Thursday, May 7, 2015, was held a training session for medical staff of the Health Center of Tineo, in which is being piloting one of the eRESATER actions: Integration in the electronic health records of a direct access to the database of community health activities in Asturias (Application OMI_AP).

Participate in the world's largest study on mHealth apps development

For the 5th time research2guidance in collaboration with mHealth Summit is being conducted a large research program on mHealth. The study focuses on the mHealth app market, how apps generate revenue, how behavior could be changed by apps, use of APIs and sensors and many other related topics.

Are you working in the healthcare industry, are developing mobile apps or are you publishing healthcare apps?

“The e-health revolution—easier said than done” – the progressive and difficult path of e-Health innovation

e-health is seen as one of the most important revolutions in healthcare since the advent of the modern medicine. e-health makes use of the digital communication means as new pathways to deliver health information and services more effectively and efficiently. Although the wide potential of e-Health has been discussed is clear a slow progress of eHealth adoption given many barriers and technical, ethical and policy issues it raises.