Exploring new interventions with Moobeat Technology

antonio rodriguez teba

Moobeat is an IT solution that has been tested by real potential users in Fundación Intras. 

People working in different workshops to increase authonomy, social and work abilities, whose ages range from 23 to 61 years, have experimenced MooBeat for "expression through movement and sound" and multiple therapeutic benefits and applications standed out! New projects are expected to come out to adapt the Moobeat and its use to this field of Mental Health Promotion, Social Abilities, Emotional Intelligence and release, etc, for increasing health and wellbeing stated, social interactions quality and satisfaction.

The objective of such actions is to investigate the therapeutic applications and validate the evidences near the community and with the support of non-profit organizations, clinical experts and Innovation Hubs such as VITLAB Regional Innohub located in Castilla y León (IBIP Lab/Fundación INTRAS).

Moobeat can be particularly useful for therapy of people with physical, mental or sensory disability, through education in music using an appropriate methodology, suitable for almost all audiences. The experiences so far with educators, therapists and patients with different capacities demonstrate that moobeat technology has enormous potential for developing creativity, motor skills, and a very important playful aspect for motivation of patients.

Contact VITLAB team to know more about Moobeat or access the Moobeat webpage (http://www.moobeat.com/)


Daniel's picture

It was such a pleasure been at Intras with all the team and show them how MooBeat works. But best part was, once again, seeing the guys enjoying the instrument while they compose a new track from scratch!

Thanks, we will keep in touch!

Intras's picture

Dear Daniel, is being such a pleasure to colaborate with you. Thank you for all the work done by MooBeat by considering the potential applications of MooBeat for the Health and Social Care.

It is indeed and innovative form of approaching MusicTherapy with different estimated benefits that could be enormous in terms of social connection, information, and coping resources (for example, attention, motor coordination, reasoning, expression skils,  etc).

Hoping to have opportunity to implement soon some of the ideas and plans shared with a more technical and scientifical focus.

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