Echosanté Association - Syndicat Mixte du Pays Couserans

Site de Rozès, SAINT LIZIER, France
ÉchoSanté, adherent to the 1901 law, is a multipurpose health network established in 2003. It is specialized in the coordination and management of patients at home. It is a City-Hospital network of independent Health professionals that support people with loss of autonomy likely to benefit from a coordinated multidisciplinary team. Its operation is based on respect for the values set in the spirit of the network. Website: The Home Care Service of ECHOSANTE Association (non-profit association) was established in January 2007 with the opening of 20 places in Couserans). 
The HAD is intended to support people with complex, acute or chronic, progressive or unstable disease, which in the absence of such service would be hospitalized in a health center (hospital or clinic). This is a real alternative to hospitalization. It helps to avoid or shorten hospital stay, and a premature return home or nursing home (postoperative, intravenous treatment, complex bandages, ventilation, palliative care, enteral and parenteral nutrition, orthopedic rehabilitation, heavy nursing care, ...). The MAIA, "Mission for Autonomy and Integration of help and care services for the elderly", from 2012, is aimed at people over 60 with Alzheimer's or related and that also extends to the management of the dependence and related disorders.
Here are the échosanté (HAD) partners in the Couserans in Ariegen! 
EchoSanté works with competent and attentive health professionals, working to support the community and invest on collaborative health and e-health research and open innovation, to meet the users expectations and provide them with the care and support needed!
-Le syndicat mixte du Pays Couserans
-Le Centre Hospitalier Ariège-Couserans
Mission of the Syndicat Mixte du Pays Couserans Direction: Pays Couserans is a local authority in the mountain area of Midi-Pyrénées region that leads the rural development on behalf the municipalities of the valley where live 30.000 inhabitants on 1700km² (main town: Saint-Girons). Pays Couserans supports 8 municipalities working and planning on economics and employment, culture, housing, health services and equipment. Among the main research fields Pays Couserans includes european territorial cooperation to improve its strategies. Pays du Couserans its for all this reasons a good Reagional Living Lab environment for Health promotion and for piloting innovative e-Health / Active and Healthy Ageing Solutions.