Federación Asturiana de Concejos

C/ Uría, 58 - Oviedo

Asturias is situated in the north of Spain. It has a surface of 10.604 Km2. It limits North with the Cantabrian Sea, and South with the Cantabrian Mountains Chain, this fact means a natural barrier witch makes very difficult mobility to the rest of the country.
The whole region has a very mountainous topography (80% of territory has an average slope of 20%) which makes come areas to be quite isolated.
Due to the fact of its particular topography, 80% of population live in the central area, which is the 20% of the whole land. This is the most dynamic area economically. However the east and west parts of the region are basically rural, population is very disperse and depopulation is becoming a big problem.
The Federación Asturiana de Concejos (Asturian Federation of Town Halls and Municipalities) is an association with its own statutes, recognized by the current laws and is composed of the totality of the Town and City Councils of Asturias which are 78 in number.
Its aims and functions are:
o The representation and defense of the interests of the local bodies with respect to the political and administrative entities within the region.
o The defense and promotion of the autonomy of local entities.
o The development and consolidation of the spirit of democracy in the area of municipal activities based upon the autonomy and solidarity between the local entities.
o The promotion and carrying out of reports and studies for the better understanding of the problems and the circumstances in which local life is carried out.
o The improvement and bettering of public services and which are common to all municipalities.
o The presentation of common services and the management of common issues.

Asturian Network for Healthy Municipalities.

A Sectorial grouping of FACC with the support of Regional Ministry for Health aimed at developing activities related to the promotion of health and healthy habits in 76 Municipalities of the region
The activities carried out are:
- Municipal Health Plans: Municipal Health diagnosis, design and execution of Plans in the Town Halls belonging to the different sanitary areas in which the region is operatively divided.
- Awareness raising campaigns for young people, adults and citizenship in general.
- Training activities.
- Ehealth pilot projects in rural areas with the cooperation of REgional Ministry for Health in Asturias.

More information: www.redconsalud.info