Fundación INTRAS – IBIP Lab

IBIP Lab Research and Innovation Centre (IBIP LAB)


IBIP Lab is dedicated to high quality research and innovation, committed with an Open Innovation concept and specialized in the co-design, co-development, assessment & validation of technological products and services.

INTRAS activity is targeting mainly for people suffering from mental health disorders, elderly people and people with disabilities, in order to address their existing and emerging social and health care needs.

INTRAS Foundation is the IBIP Lab Host Organization and Project Leader with more than 20 years of experience in RDi and intervention, reflecting in the ability of IBIP Lab to develop pilot tests, support the design of solutions for the healthcare field and participate in National, European and International projects, being able to promote large pilot tests in a wide range of real settings (e.g. home, community, health and social care environments). INTRAS is a non-profit organisation founded in 1994, aiming to improve the quality of life of people suffering from mental health disorders, disabled people, elderly people, and people with disabilities through research, development and innovation as well as social and healthcare assistance. INTRAS is composed of 9 centres and other facilities in 5 different provinces in Spain, and over 100 professionals, mainly from psychiatric, psychological, social and economic fields, who combine research, training and healthcare. The IBIP Lab Core Operational Centre was built in 2011 thanks to the INDESS project, funded by the Operative Program for Cross-border Cooperation Spain-Portugal (POCTEP).

IBIP Lab integrates different initiatives, activities and Open Innovation platforms developed with European projects - e-Resater (INTERREG), Discover (CIP PSP), Innovage (INTERREG), in a way to stimulate the collective intelligence to promote approaches centered in people, and using innovation process to simplify health and social care. The IBIP lab intends to mobilize these structures as well as partners and stakeholders networks thanks to Open Innovation spaces (be it face to face or be it through virtual communities), and to promote processes and combined Offer & Demand Policies, to achieve a participative intervention oriented to results.

IBIP Lab is a recent member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL - 8th Wave).