Servicio Aragonés de Salud - Sector Sanitario de Barbastro


SALUD stands for "Servicio Aragonés de Salud" (Aragon’s Healthcare Service). SALUD is the public provider of all healthcare services in Aragón. These include Primary, Secondary, mental and geriatric care.

The SALUD has the following functions and responsibilities:

- Overall management and co-ordination of the existing healthcare resources in the territory of Aragón.

- Primary care, Secondary care, mental care and geriatric care management, including homecare.

- Promotion and protection of individual and public health.

SALUD is the public provider of healthcare care in Aragon and has a network composed of: 12 General Hospitals, 110 Primary Health Centres, 875 local cabinets and 5 Geriatric hospitals.

The SALUD is divided into 8 sanitary areas, one of which is Barbastro’s. Barbastro’s Healthcare Area is the public provider of sanitary services in the western area of Huesca province, in Aragon, Spain. We provide assistance on an 8.500km2 area and a population of 110.000 habitants, having a high rate of elders (23%). Barbastro’s Healthcare Area has introduced innovation on the professionals’ regular practice through the integration of telemedicine solutions thanks to the collaboration on several strategic projects. Our core fields are:

- Telemedicine innovation as teleadvice, teleconsultations and telemonitoring of chronic elder patients

- Prevention and promotion of healthcare practices

- Security of patients

- e-learning programs

- Use of expert tools as support in the decision-making

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