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4th june 2015 , training session for Local Participation Group in #Ibias (#Asturias)

We continue with our Training Program for Local Participation Groups and Health Staff, , this time we visited Ibias, a council in the very south west of Asturias Region.
The training session, last Thursday 4th June 2015 took place in the Local Centre for Technological Development and was attended by local associations, local nursing home, local staff from social services and telecentre, and Primary school director.
Its main objective is encouraging the community to provide with information about its health resources and health activities in a geolocation system (Asturias Actúa) in order to let it available for everybody in the region and realize they are the key actors in community health state.
This is a key phase for project success having into account that the provided information will be filtered by aged, health state, gender and other specifications in order to be integrated in the Clinical History for every primary care doctor in the Area to consult and prescribe it, adapted to every patient needs.
Also, at the end of morning, was held a training session for medical staff of the Health Center of Ibias, about the Integration in the electronic health records of a direct access to the database of community health activities in Asturias (Application OMI_AP).
The OMI-AP is a program in which is centralized the health information of each patient, in a single nucleus, independently from the professional or health care setting. It is an unique medical record platform, used by physicians and other health care Primary Care in the Principality of Asturias.
ERESATER activity at this point focuses on creating a shortcut on OMI-AP where filtering by sex, date of birth and the area from which it is working, are displayed to the health professional (according to the characteristics of each patient) the best activities being undertaken in the municipality to which each health centre belongs.
Thus the primary care health personnel of the Area II will have a direct (accessible from the patients management program) and personalized access (sex, age, physical condition, geographical area ...) to the Health promotion Community activities being held in the surroundings in order to promote such activities through the users of the health services, as an additional requirement or as part of a prevention strategy.

Asturias actúa web avalaible here:

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