Accessible Presentations of the 2nd Workshop "Innovation and Technologies for Integrated Mental Healthcare"

Access here the programme and the different presentations provided by the Speakers of the 2nd workshop of the eRESATER Knowledge Network, specialists in the field of “Innovation and Technologies for Integrated Mental Healthcare”.

The Workshop was promoted by e-Resater Consortium to offer an up to date overview of innovative initiatives about integrated mental healthcare. These national and international initiatives were presented during the meeting through healthcare models, case studies, best practices and projects, according to a thematic structure organized in three workshops.


Opening ceremony

• P1.e-Resater presentation_Mr. Olivier Rey

Topic: General description of eRESATER, a knowledge network to share experiences, generate synergism and get in touch all people involved in the provision of integrated healthcare services or development of solution.


Workshop 1: Overview: Innovation in the social-health integration in Mental Health


• P2. Regional Integrated Care _Dr. Benedicto Caminero

Topic: A Regional Castilla y León Model that brings together all integrated mental care services in order to improve user´s lifestyle and a better resources assignment.


• P3. Reticular Model for Care and New Technologies for care_Dr. Manuel Franco Martin

Topic: It aims to integrate all mental care services, as in Zamora, in a reticular network that uses technologies to progress in coordination and personalization of user´s treatment.


•P4. Aviles model_The Assertive Community Treatment_Dr. Juan Jose Jambrina

Topic: Integration of multidisciplinar services of cognitive rehabilitation in Avilés (Asturias)


Workshop 2: Innovative experiences, projects and initiatives


• P5. Mastermind Impact_ Ms.Ane Fullaondo

Topic: Kronikgune Project it is based in an online Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.


• P6. e-SALUD project_Ms.Monica Citores

Topic: e-SALUD Project have developed a location system of the patient and an inventory management to improve also the coorditation and user´s treatment.


• P7. Innovative Solutions for Disability_Emma Fernandez

Topic: Clúster SIVI creates innovate solutions to benefit the mental care service and disable´s people autonomy.


Workshop 3: Technology Assessment for Mental Healthcare


•P8. Usability assessment of technologies for people with mental health problems, as a key aspect_Mr.Jose Miguel Toribio

Topic: How to improve usability to these users, with technologies adapted to patient's needs.


• P9. Evaluation of the COGVAL Tool_Dr. Abdel Solís

Topic: Methodological Research to evaluate the efficiency of COGVAL tool in mental health patients.