VITLAB is supported by an Innohub Network represented by the e-Resater Project Partners and has two central objectives:

  • Support the co-development of social and health solutions (co-creative, human-centric and user-driven research);
  • Sustain the technology offer in a competent and interoperable innovation network (technical and human expertize).


ViTLab follows a living lab methodology representing a unifying tool of accompaniment. It provides support and access to actualized information, encourages the transfer of expertise within the framework of telemonitoring pilot applications and eInclusion software engineering, mediates the contact between professionals and other stakeholders involved in the production chain, optimizes the collaborations and promotes methodology and applications exchange in the medical and social fields.

VITLAB is aimed at all those interested in e-health and e-inclusion:
• Users and potential users of technologies aimed at the e-Health and e-Inclusion;
• Professionals, experts, opinion leaders, consumers;
• Entities: business partners, SME's and start-ups, research centers, R&D units, living labs, public administrations, companies, etc.

How to participate: Visitors can participate without previous registration on the platform, but their access is limited to utilities. Individuals or entities applying for registration will wait for subsequent approval to be considered members of this Network and get one step forward in the matters VITLAB promote. These participants will be able to access private services and, depending on the kind of member will be, may have or not direct access to the management of specific VITLAB tools. For registration, you just need to do a simple step:

  1. Access VITLAB: http://vitlab.resater.eu/
  2. Create new account (http://vitlab.resater.eu/?q=user/register)
  3. Define your user name, fill the details: e-mail, first name, surname, company and charge
  4. Then you must wait for a confirmation e-mail • After the contact give you the access as an associated member you can do the login and enjoy VITLAB services and tools.

All applicants for this innovative initiative must present the following documentation:

• Application form correctly completed (clearly explaining contribution to VITLAB and type and level of engagement expected, as well as the duties within the network);
• A proposal or project idea that you would like to implement in the VITLAB and that must be in line with one or more of the network’s interest areas. If you don´t have a proposal, explain in detail the reason for the motivation to participate as a member – what you are looking for.

In 30 days, at most, each applicant will be contacted with the results of the assessment to its application. In case of rejection as a member you will receive information about the criteria that led to the refusal.

VITLAB membership gives access to:

• A meeting and networking forum
• Collaborative tools to support the research, find collaboration opportunities, develop work groups, and facilitate the access to training tools
• Scenarios where specific projects can be piloted and validated
• Help in seeking out partnerships and funding for an idea or project
• Advice on specific aspects of public procurement and the purchase of technology.

VITLAB facilitates the development of new products and services aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens and VITLAB users by providing the access to an innovative platform. This network comprises InnoHubs, public and private organizations, research organizations, investors, professionals highly motivated, specialists in key areas of work and lines of intervention, and end-users.

VITLAB is a space for Open Innovation that seeks to empower the e-Resater Ecosystem of innovation providing collaborative innovation processes. These processes rely on the capacities of the different actors called to participate in the creation of methodologies, tools, and development-oriented structures and improving e-Health and e-Inclusion solutions that answer the major challenges of SUDOE countries.

6 initial Innovation Centers participating (Innovation Hub's) are supporting the VITLAB activity with their expertise and resources oriented to intersectoral development of telecare services, provision of telemedicine services, intervention programs for mental illness and aging, among others.

Process steps of Open Innovation VITLAB

  • • Detection of opportunities 
  • • Generation, evaluation and selection of ideas 
  • • Defining project proposals 
  • • Test and validation of solutions 
  • • Promotion of Projects, Products and Services 
  • • Exploitation and protection of results 
  • • Expert advice 


VITLAB resources

  • • e-Resater Observatory 
  • • Knowledge Library 
  • • Areas of interest 
  • • Forum 
  • • Virtual Room 
  • • Sec. supply-demand 
  • • Ideagoras: space to share ideas 
  • • Blog 
  •  Working Groups in a private setting 
  • • Public and Private Forum 
  • • VITLAB Challenges 
  • • VIRTUAL LAB for online pilots of TIC solutions 
  • • Usability Lab 
  • • Access Management System 


Ultimately VITLAB aims to facilitate the development of MUTUAL BENEFIT PARTNERSHIP IN A TRUST ENVIRONMENT.

The participation in VITLAB at any stage of the open innovation process has no financial cost to the different stakeholders.


Yes, if you wish to un-enroll from VITLAB at any point just send us a message using the “Contacts” and we will remove you from the VITLAB members list.

All information provided is securely stored on VITLAB database. The updated information about the research and your participation will be available in your inbox after your Sign in with the password provided for investigation. At the conclusion of each evaluation, a summary report of the feedback received from participants is posted to the Living Lab website.

The process will begin with actions oriented to facilitate the matching of the supply with technological demand (considering local needs) put in contact representatives of both sides.
Contact us to present your supply or demand!


The Living Lab website is a great place to get basic information, but if you have more questions for the Coordination Team, please feel free to send us a note via the Contacts page.