What innovation scenarios are used by VITLAB?

VITLAB is a space for Open Innovation that seeks to empower the e-Resater Ecosystem of innovation providing collaborative innovation processes. These processes rely on the capacities of the different actors called to participate in the creation of methodologies, tools, and development-oriented structures and improving e-Health and e-Inclusion solutions that answer the major challenges of SUDOE countries.

6 initial Innovation Centers participating (Innovation Hub's) are supporting the VITLAB activity with their expertise and resources oriented to intersectoral development of telecare services, provision of telemedicine services, intervention programs for mental illness and aging, among others.

Process steps of Open Innovation VITLAB

  • • Detection of opportunities 
  • • Generation, evaluation and selection of ideas 
  • • Defining project proposals 
  • • Test and validation of solutions 
  • • Promotion of Projects, Products and Services 
  • • Exploitation and protection of results 
  • • Expert advice 


VITLAB resources

  • • e-Resater Observatory 
  • • Knowledge Library 
  • • Areas of interest 
  • • Forum 
  • • Virtual Room 
  • • Sec. supply-demand 
  • • Ideagoras: space to share ideas 
  • • Blog 
  •  Working Groups in a private setting 
  • • Public and Private Forum 
  • • VITLAB Challenges 
  • • VIRTUAL LAB for online pilots of TIC solutions 
  • • Usability Lab 
  • • Access Management System 


Ultimately VITLAB aims to facilitate the development of MUTUAL BENEFIT PARTNERSHIP IN A TRUST ENVIRONMENT.