Telemedicine is today

Currently , telemedicine is approached from two different perspectives , however mutually exclusive:

- Traditionally, telemedicine has been made possible by the digitization of signals and data.

- The most recent one, is linked with the development of mobile devices , with better performance, more ergonomic and more usability . Normally, it draws on new information technologies and communication (TICS)

In the 70s of last century, Pedro Lain Entralgo, Psychiatrist and historian placed the medicine between « power and perplexity». Today, if the power conferred by the technique definitely prevails, problems such as the place of the patient within, on the one hand, a technique and social dimensions, and, on the other hand, a scientific system have begun to be revealed .

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Despite the widely recognised potential of eHealth, there are an important list of limitations and drawbacks, and possibly were not even yet identified all the difficulties since is an evolving and incredibly complex science, political and humanist area. Thankfully e-Health Concept is both a source of inspiration, creativity and sustainability, lacking reasons to invest strongly in this area.

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