Create an accessible and unified online tool for all SUDOE stakeholders/operators optimizing the collaboration and contributing to the efficiency in the maintenance of health and social supplies in rural territories, improving and developing services based on open innovaction, co-creation, and user-centered and user-driven approaches.


FIWARE, the online platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily develop their businesses and services, and connect to potential users and potential customers. FIWARE creates, at different levels, a whole ecosystem to foster innovations and digital solutions. View more about the FIWARE concept and value in the follow video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVS632As4Jw

eRESATER project partners meeting

On 1 and 2 December took place the 5th steering committee of eResater project in San Sebastian (Spain).
The partnership has requested an extension of six months for the project, which now end in June 2015. At this meeting the partners materialized actions to be implemented in the next year that will ensure the achievement of the objectives.
Moreover, different issues relating to the final project seminar to be held in Toulouse (France) in May 2015 were discussed.

"Generating local networks for social and health services coordination"

In the framework of eRESATER project regional activities in Asturias, Local Participation Councils have been constituted in the 5 municipalities integrating II Health Area in Asturias aimed at achieving a real coordination between all stakeholders involved in social and health promotion in the territory.

SALUD and FDS partners meeting

On Monday November 24, SALUD and FDS (eRESATER aprtners from Aragón, Spain) met at the Hospital de Barbastro.
The meeting topics for transnational partners meeting to be held in San Sebastian (Spain) on 1 and 2 December were prepared. Furthermore, the possibilities of expanding the pilot telemonitoring experience that both partners are implementing were studied. Experimentation initially ended in October 2014, and has decided to extend three months.