Create an accessible and unified online tool for all SUDOE stakeholders/operators optimizing the collaboration and contributing to the efficiency in the maintenance of health and social supplies in rural territories, improving and developing services based on open innovaction, co-creation, and user-centered and user-driven approaches.

eRESATER Asturias Local project coordination meeting in Tineo

eRESATER Asturias Local project coordination meeting took place in Tineo last 27th April 2015.

The coordination meeting aimed at the assessment of the tool OMIap_link with the participation of technical staff from F.A.CC., Primary Care Doctors coordinator, Primary Care Nurses Coordinator, technical staff from regional Health Ministry, Doctors Coordinator in Health Centre, Nurses Coordinator in Health Centre and Municipal Staff.

GEMSA Evaluation Descriptive Forms for e-RESATER

The e-RESATER project includes a set of local applications related to telemedicine developed and piloted in different rural regions around Europe.

These applications are being evaluated under the evaluation framework GEMSA, which is an evaluation methodology for telemedicine projects. You can find more information about this methodology in the link GEMSA

eRESATER in "Rural Hospitals in the Future" Seminar

Olivier Rey, leader partner in eRESATER project, was invited to take part in “Rural Hospitals in the Future” Seminar which took place in Tapia de Casariego (Asturias) 10th and 11th April.
Different aspects relied with rural hospitals management were presented during the seminar: ITC, local development, rural development, infrastructures, communitations, knowledge management…

ECHOSANTÉ and SALUD meeting at Saint-Lizier

The 20th and the 21st of January 2015 a meeting of the e-RESATER partners ECHOSANTÉ (Pays Couserans) and SALUD (Aragón) took place at Saint-Lizier (France).

The main objective of the meeting was the exchange of information about the Home Hospitalization service run by ECHOSANTÉ.

Representatives from the SALUD working at Barbastro Hospital attended the meeting. They belonged to the Primary Care and to the Emergency Care Board. Two members from the Innovation Unit also were present at the event.