e-Health is a relatively recent term for healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication, including telehealth, electronic medical records and other components of health information technology. It encompasses internet based interventions and support for health and the use of information and communication technologies that also includes the use of social media, landline and mobile phones in actions that include information; peer support services, computer and internet based programs, virtual applications and games, as well as real time interaction with trained health professionals.

e-Health services are a reference for low cost provision, accessibility, it is a significant concept to provide health services in rural areas oriented to support the aging population, people with mental disorders or some dependence level, among others. These services cover support to the patient and usually to the family and caregivers.
The term comprises a range of services or systems, including: Electronic health records; Telemedicine or Cybermedicine; Consumer health informatics; Health knowledge management; Virtual healthcare teams; m-Health; Medical research using Grids; Healthcare Information Systems; e-Health based on e-patient initiatives.
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