E-Resater Strategic Lines - Actions & Results

e-RESATER website or VITLAB is the meeting point between social & care needs and the current technological and technique potential to assist people. VITLAB is supported by end-users, social and health professionals, innovators, product developers and business partners.

The efforts of the e-RESATER partners and the local networks that support the actions are oriented to: 1. Improve the competitiveness in the SUDOE territory regarding the advanced care service; 2. Offer innovative products and services for eHealth and eInclusion, in line with the demand. Therefore, besides the dissemination of good practice regarding open innovation, three processes will be encouraged and supported through VITLAB activity and other concerted actions among partners:

1. Generation of ideas through active actions to empower social and local networks. The implementation of motivational actions in order to capture participants and stimulate a process of creating innovation will support this process.

2. Development and prototype through the promotion of co-development of e-health and e-inclusion services and products by the provision of collaborative spaces and significant tools.

3. Test products and services through ongoing monitoring, advisory and information services to the different participants in the process, facilitating access to test spaces (virtual or physical spaces), providing a number of relevant tools to support this phase, technical guidance and, lastly, a dynamic space for the dissemination of results.