Social and Health Innovative Processes

Social and health care services are facing several economic challenges over the world.
Social and health innovation can be the answer to the new pressing social and health demands in a world in constant transformation. They need to be innovations that are social and health in both their ends and their means.

It is a challenge to create innovative methods, processes and products. The main requisite for innovation is to creat a flexible process to meet needs and create new social relationships or collaborations. The organizations need to find methods and tools to learn how they can turn their promising pilot ideas into mainstream products or services (potential risks, users choices, expectations).

VITLAB stimulates this innovation through services oriented to connecting people, ideas and resources and lead the attention to relevant areas. Some concepts and actions are imperative and need to be carefully managed in this process:

- OPEN INNOVATION supports different ways to develop Social and Health Innovation and is based on collaboration, sharing, self-organisation, decentralisation, transparency of process and plurality of participants;
- SUPPORTING COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION AND LEARNING increases the opportunity for smart action based on patient need;
- PROMPTS AND INSPIRATIONS are the starting point and are based on research, mapping and data collection which are used to make the problems visible and tangible;
- ENGAGE STAKEHOLDERS, also described as INNOVATION ANIMATORS in the development of PROPOSALS AND IDEAS to identify potential solutions from citizens, service users, communities, front line staff, organizations, researchers and other sectors;
- USER LEAD CO-DESIGN using creative thinking methods to re-design services with users and producers;
- SUSTAINING INNOVATION through the public sector and a strong governance strategy.

In RESATER OBSERVATORY you can access to actualized information about the innovation process in social and health areas and systematic innovation.