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e-RESATER website or VITLAB is the meeting point between social & care needs and the current technological and technique potential to assist people. VITLAB is supported by end-users, social and health professionals, innovators, product developers and business partners.

TELE-ASSISTANCE is a concept generally applied to personal assistance using approaches that comprise the use of a phone network medium as connection tool and technological devices as interface. These services are able to respond to emergency situations such as insecurity, loneliness or social isolation through the provision of preventive supervision, information, social resources and supportive means in order to deal with them.

Social and health care services are facing several economic challenges over the world.
Social and health innovation can be the answer to the new pressing social and health demands in a world in constant transformation. They need to be innovations that are social and health in both their ends and their means.

e-Health is a relatively recent term for healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication, including telehealth, electronic medical records and other components of health information technology.