IDES is an SME working since 1999 in the development, commercialization and exploitation of products, services and results and knowledge derived from projects, research and innovation in the elds of health and social care.

Therefore, we perform complementary activities such as consulting projects, evaluation of technology usability and user experience, design and validation in a Living Lab environment, studies, technology foresight studies, technology transfer actions, and design and execution of training actions.IDES emerged with the goal of strengthening the R&D activity of the INTRAS Foundation, its holding company. It is founded on the knowhow of the daily needs recognised in the intervention and treatment of users of the INTRAS Foundation services (People with severe and prolonged mental illness, the elderly and people with other disabilities) which is essential to dening the requirements of a project or to improve the treatments available in the elds of mental health and ageing. Also, an essential part of our expertise involves processes and methodologies for the validation of technologies, products or services in real environments, with the implication of real end-users throughout the cycle of research and innovation.

IDES has a committed team oering the right solutions for the development and implementation of business plans for RDi in socio-healthcare. The team's experience has been obtained through a variety of professional trajectories in dierent renowned scientic institutions and companies addressing dierent elds of intervention. The previous and the outstanding exibility and commitment of our teamwork oer a unique added value to SME.

España (Castilla y León)