Porto4Ageing, a Reference Site and Partner Plus of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, launched a mobile app which enables you to check how frail you are. The app, named FrailSurvey, is based on the Groningen Frailty Index and is developed to help senior citizens. It assesses diverse sides of their life, namely their mobility, physical shape, vision, hearing, nutrition, as well as cognitive and psychosocial aspects. The results obtained in terms of frailty status are important for healthy ageing, as it can help lifestyle changes to prevent or revert a certain...
Data-related technologies are growing rapidly in European healthcare: 10,2% over 2015-2016. Also the growth rate of data users in healthcare is well above the EU28 average. These are some outcomes of the recently published European Data Market study measuring the size and trends of the EU data economy in 2016. According to this study, data-related technologies are rapidly finding new ground in previously unchartered areas and are growing fast in healthcare, but also in ICT, education, housing and the public sector as a whole. Read more in EU Digital Single Market article