Antilope Calls for Development of eHealth Testing Tools

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The EU-funded Antilope project published recently (12/03/2014) a request for proposals (RFP) for developing testing tools that further enhance testing for the profiles and standards needed to implement the use cases identified in the European eHealth Interoperability Framework (eEIF). The Antilope project has published a list of testing tools that are used to ensure interoperability with existing IT infrastructures, services and devices. Gaps remain where existing testing tools could be improved or new tools could be built. This request for proposals is a call for developers and organisations to address these shortcomings. Tools that will be freely available and are based on open source code will be preferred.

Interested parties are invited to communicate their intent so Antilope can coordinate efforts and minimise duplications of efforts. The tools will be validated in the autumn of 2014 and will be demonstrated at the final Antilope conference and the European Connectathon in April 2015 in Luxembourg.

For further information and the complete RFP, please visit: