The Call for Interactive Sessions for the AAL Forum 2017 is now open

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The AAL Forum is an annual showcase and the largest event in the Active and Assisted Living field, bringing together all the players to learn about the latest developments in this powerful area of research. AAL Forum provides an excellent opportunity to network and showcase the latest innovative and interactive ICT solutions (developed and under development) and poster sessions providing valuable information about what’s available on the market. It will also have a matchmaking event, that will brings together suitable potential business partners to talk about their work and strike up real collaborations.

This year will take place in Coimbra, Portugal. This region is a European reference site for Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) recognised by the European Union (3 stars reference site), which means that senior citizens have access to better social services and healthcare, as well as new innovative products, services and tools in the AHA field.

Call for Interactive sessions: