Designing for People with Dementia

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The 2015 wave of Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions brought excellent news for research and intervention on dementia. Two approved projects shown how relevant is this thematic for society and how actively the community is looking for a wider knowledge and for getting in place complementary approaches with expected high impact on the care cycle (people suffering from dementia, their relatives, formal carers, etc.)

Both projects (INDUCT and Mind), although with a very specific agenda and activities planned are focused on improving the understanding between research and business of how people with dementia use technology. Research has generally been limited, small scale and methodologically flawed means new applications are designed without an in-depth appreciation of people’s needs, preferences and limitations; there is little knowledge about practical, psychological and social barriers and facilitators to implementation making it hard to get results into practice; there is a serious shortage of research trained professionals who combine expertise on dementia care research and technology.

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If you are representing an organization willing to cooperate in these projects contact Fundación INTRAS ( or use the VITLAB contact template. We will be happy to analyse a possible collaboration for knowledge transfer, pilot or analyse solutions, etc.