The first meeting of the e-RESATER Network of Knowledge will be held in Oviedo

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In recent years numerous initiatives at local, national and European level are being developed in the field of e-Health and e-Inclusion to promote the technical development, economic efficiency and the quality of the health and social services in rural territories. Nevertheless, these experiences and actions are often confronted with legal, technical or financial obstacles. In order to overcome these difficulties, the e-RESATER Knowledge Network funded by the SUDOE Territorial Cooperation Programme INTERREG IV B, works to provide a communication space and stimulate the experience exchange involving actively the all the local stakeholders engaged directly or indirectly in the territory development. The efforts are oriented to the development of a sustainable and competitive network of economic, professional and institutional stakeholders. Through a collaborative strategy this network will develop e-Health and e-Inclusion services and products. E-Resater Knowledge Network will also empower the stakeholders in the efficient and economically viable use of these services, promoting the improvement of the quality of care in the rural territory in SUDOE space. The first meeting will be held on May 24 in Oviedo with the participation of the 7 project partners, associated socio-health public bodies and e-RESATER experts. Will intervene also other key sector players as clusters of ICT companies or other e-Health companies, research and technology transfer centers, living labs constituted in France and Spain, Universities, user associations and other social and health organizations. The meeting will focus on the exchange of knowledge through active participation in thematic workshops where will be shared, transferred and will be pooled the knowledge base acquired in different experiences and good practices in the SUDOE territory. DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM MEETING The meeting OPEN INNOVATION IN E-HEALTH AND E-INCLUSION has a double objective: census actors, networks, projects and practices in the territory SUDOE, and also the description of the key processes for drawing up guidelines that will benefit and support the new participants, business networks and local social and health networks to engage them in open innovation processes. The results of these discussions, as well as contributions from other participants, will be added in a guide that will group the best innovative practices and social care in rural areas of Southeast Europe territory. The meeting will be broadcast live over the Internet. THE PROJECT PARTNERSHIP Syndicat Mixte du Pays Couserans Fundación INTRAS Federación Asturiana de Concejos Servicio Aragonés de la Salud Fundación para el Desarrollo Social Union Départementale des Centres Communaux D'Action Sociale du Gers Agência de Desenvolvimento Vale do Ave