Spanish APP to improve the autonomy of elders, people in dependency situation and their carers

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The Spanish Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Alfonso Alonso, presented in the end of April 2015 the first "app" for support in dependency to inform and empower caregivers and the elderly or dependent.

This App is now available for mobile phones and was developed by Telefonica, as a result of a procurement process made by the Spanish Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales - IMSERSO). 

This mobile application responds to the needs of the target group, saving time, travel and resources. It also helps to remove barriers and facilitate care, combining access to administrative information with practical advice and testimonials. The download of the mobile application is free for all kinds of mobile phones, it is aimed primarily at caregivers of the family environment of people in situations of dependency and responds to the need to be closer to citizens, be more transparent and providing better services.


Download the app from Google play o la App Store, and check more about the tool in the IMSERSO Portal