Technological Exhibition on Independent Living Solutions in The Science Week, Valladolid

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On the occasion of the Science Week celebration in Castilla y León, held from 6 to 16 of November 2014, Fundación INTRAS and its SpinOff IDES participated and organized with the Regional CLUSTER SIVI (Innovative Solutions for Independent Living) a five days exhibition to promote difusion and interactive experiementations on Innovative Solutions for Independent Living in which have participated also other Cluster Partners such as the University of Valladolid (GTI and GIB Groups), EPTISA and Alzheimer León, enabling the communication of projects and real experimentation of e-health, telemonitoring and e-inclusion solutions (prototypes and products) and services oriented to the more vulnerable populations, community and social and health professionals.

INTRAS Foundation participated in a round table oriented to explore the potential of technology in homecare and independent life (12th) and presented different products and services in a continuous exhibition tooking place in the Science Museum from 12 to 16:

- Gradior. Program for cognitive rehabilitation:  

- REDAP. Personal Network for care and asistance:

- Serious Games, Skillpass:

- DISCOVER platform  

- COGVAL: tool for cognitive functions evaluation offered in tablet

Access the full program of the Interactive exhibitionhere (only accessible in Spanish)