VITLAB, is being establishing relevant Synergies across Networks, Projects and Initiatives!

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e-Resater Knowledge Network, through VITLAB, is being establishing relevant Synergies across Networks, Projects and Initiatives!

One of the synergies is of great importance to VITLAB given the close relation among areas, initiatives promoted and expected outcomes. AFE-INNOVNET Thematic Network work with and set-up an EU wide community of local and regional authorities and other relevant stakeholders who want to work together to find smart and innovative evidence-based solutions to support active and healthy ageing and develop age-friendly environments across the EU. AFE-INNOVNET is gathering age-friendly environments initiatives in order to help information sharing between all interested stakeholders in the field of active and healthy ageing and to facilitate the transferability and scaling up of successful practices.

European stakeholders can benefit from your experience!

In this framework, If you have successful innovative solutions for e-Health you want to share, please include them in the VITLAB catalogue

If your initiatives are also oriented for age-friendly environments you can also make use of the AFE-INNOVNET repository service

Take a look in the last Report of AFE-INNOVNET webinar “Synergies towards an age-friendly Europe”.


Soon will be available in VITLAB the FINAL EVALUATION REPORT of the e-Resater project reporting activities and main outcomes.