FIWARE Accelerator Programme: See opportunities for e-Health

FIWARE Accelerator programme, where the European Commission has allocated 80 million Euros to foster innovation and businesses on the Internet of the Future. 16 different accelerator projects in different thematic areas from smart cities to media, learning to agrifood, were launched in September 2014 during ECFI-2event in Munich, helping entrepreneurs capture opportunities coming from a new wave of digitization in multiple sectors.

80 million Euros will be distributed amongst SME's, start-ups and web entrepreneurs across Europe with innovative ideas for sustainable businesses that will lead to transformations in the daily life of people, organisations or businesses. For more information visit and for the open calls see here.

The FI-STAR Community (the FIWARE accelerator focused on HealthCare) aims to promote collaboration between Healthcare Providers and Innovators focused on solving challenges in the European healthcare sector. The goal of this meeting is to build a stronger network of healthcare stakeholders, to spread knowledge about recent developments in the FI-STAR Community and to identify partners to scale the uptake of innovative technologies in the healthcare sector.

You can access here a video explaining the relation between FI-WARE platform and the sector-specific implementations, giving the FI-STAR example for the Health domain.