Federación Asturiana de Concejos

Asturian Federation of Councils (FACC.) is an association composed of all municipalities (78) of the Principality of Asturias with full public legal personality and nonprofit.

On the basis of respect for local autonomy enshrined in Title VIII of the Constitution and the invasion of the powers not collected by the local government legislation, the purpose of the FACC. are:

a) The promotion and defense of the autonomy of local authorities.

b) The representation and defense of the interests of local authorities to the political and administrative in order to achieve political objectives, economic and social concern them.

c) The development and consolidation of the democratic spirit in the municipal area based on autonomy and solidarity among local authorities.

d) Promoting and preparing studies for a better understanding of the problems and the circumstances in which it operates local life, with special reference to culture, heritage, health, social services, urban planning, environmental education, protection and defense of nature.

e) The actions aimed at improving the functioning of public services and their characteristics are common to all municipalities.

f) The provision, directly or through companies or entities, of all kinds of services to local corporations or organizations attached to them.

g) Training, consultancy, design and implementation of projects in the local context within the territory of the Principality of Asturias.

h) Any other activities municipal character which, although not specified in the above, pursuing similar goals to them.

i) Promotion and development of friendly relations and cooperation with Local Authorities and their organizations in the international arena.
j) Developing, publishing, advertising, and distribution of all materials informative, educational and teaching that contribute to a better understanding of all aspects of
To execute the instructions of the Statutes, the FACC.:

a) Establish the appropriate organizational structure.

b) Facilitate the exchange of information on issues affecting local authorities, with special emphasis on the European Union programs.

c) establish advisory and assistance services for its members.

d) Organize and participate in meetings, seminars and conferences.

e) is directed to the public authorities and intervene, if necessary, in the formulation of legal regulations affecting Local Authorities.

f) Promote publications and information on matters within its competence.

g) Report to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) of all matters which by their interest or relevance, transcend the scope of its powers.

h) Further develop and participate in societies and organizations providing services within local corporations or entities dependent on them.

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