Fundación para el Desarrollo Social

"Social Development Foundation" was established in December 2004, according to the ORDER of February 24, 2005, the Department of the Presidency and Institutional Relations, is entered in the Register of Foundations of Aragon, in the page 3354 of the BOA No Number 30, the March 9, 2005.
The activity over the years, has focused on two main areas:

SOCIAL: Managing three Residences and Day Centres for the Elderly, one in Muniesa (Teruel) of 43 seats, one in Illueca (Zaragoza) 88 and another in the town of Campo, in the province of Huesca. And in the second half of 2009, the Foundation has been accepted for participation in two European projects related to telemedicine and training for the elderly, which will be developed throughout 2010 and beyond.

MIDDLE-ENVIRONMENTAL Throughout 2010 has started a European project related to Sustainable Development of Rural Areas Mediterranean.

España (Aragón)