Servicio Aragonés de la Salud

Aragon Health Service (SALUD) is the agency responsible for public health delivery system in the Spanish autonomous community of Aragon integrated into the National Health System created in 1986, and which replaced the National Health Institute.

Created on April 21, 1989 as a legal instrument allowing functional unification of all community health centers and services of Aragon, and to develop the guiding principles of health reform in the territory of that region.

It was originally established so that was composed of all the centers, services and facilities of the Autonomous Community, county, municipalities and other local authorities intra, being managed by the Government of Aragon. Local corporations remained an effective right to participate in the control and management through various colleges to be set up, for which consideration was given to the Law 7/1985, of April 2, regulating the relations between the Community Autonomous Region and the Provincial of the Territory.

Aragon Health Service to be finalized in the future with transfers taking healthcare responded not only to the integrated concept of health, but also the establishment of the Health Areas as key constraints in your organization and the areas and health centers as basic elements in community care for health problems, whose operation would decentralize human and material resources, as well as health policy decisions, for which the channels were established to enforce the democratic participation of society in the health system.

España (Aragón)