Union Départementale des Centres Communaux D'Action Sociale du Gers

UDCCAS Gers (Union Départementale des Centres Communaux D'Action Sociale du Gers) was established on 2 October 2006, following a departmental delegation initially composed of 13 structures.
The consequences of decentralization (Act II), the context of increasingly competitive services to the person, the implementation on the ground and in a concerted manner departmental policies to help people (eg APA) through CCAS / CIAS, and the quality of recent laws of social and medico-social requirements have led us to seek and to collectively implement innovative solutions.
With serious work and investment flawless despite its limited resources, the UD Gers now has 30 member structures of the 34 CCAS / CIAS and Communities of Communes managing services and equipment.
It is now recognized as a major partner with local officials and funders of social action.
It strongly bears the defense of public services in rural areas, in a department that has the distinction of having a large number of public proximity operators, particularly in the field of home intervention for the elderly and disabled .
This area is now within the competitive field and public operators, to ensure the continuity of services, must anticipate future structural changes, the concepts of sharing and complementarity. The challenge ahead is to create a departmental network support services at home to consolidate resources and services.
It is in this context that we undertook an inventory of all our structures to perform a diagnosis of the existing in our territory and to work together to find solutions to ensure the sustainability of public services close.

Jean-François CELIER
President UDCCAS 32
Vice-President of the ICAS Grand Auch

France (Midi-Pyrénées)