DISCOVER project

Digital inclusion skills for carers value and excellence
Project Duration: 
01/01/2012 to 12/31/2015
Birmingham City Council United Kingdom (UK)
Financed By: 
Information Society and Media Directorate-General, European Commission. Programme: Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
Project Partners: 
Birmingham City Council United Kingdom (UK)
Birmingham City University (UK)
GSI Global (UK)
The Open University (UK)
Aristotle University of Thessalonica (Greece)
Fundación Privada CETEMMSA (Spain)
Fundación INTRAS (Spain)
Astra-Com (The Netherlands)
Dundalk Institute of Thechnology (Ireland)
CASALA Centre (Ireland)
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Project Context: 
Nowadays with the ageing population and growing number of people with long term illness or disability, also the number of their carers (both formal and informal) is increasing. Already over 100 million people in Europe look after a family member, relative or friend. Moreover, financial restraints within the public sector on care provision as well as the overall drive to self-care and independent living result in placing more demands on the carers, who are required to perform increasingly complex tasks. Development of carer’s skills is a way of improving not only their well-being and health but indirectly also of addresses in particular the current lack of digital skills, as these represent a gateway to supportive networks, expert patient groups, advice and new learning opportunities and thus to greater social inclusion.
Project Objectives: 
To address the communication, educational and support needs of formal and informal carers by improving their digital skills.
To promote effective cooperation of patients, carers, care training providers, home care providers and care organisations.
To enable opportunities to review work practices of formal carers in flexible home and mobile working and information management.
To address social isolation of patients by helping carers to become their trainers/mentors in the field of digital skills.
Project Actions: 
Designing a widely accessible DISCOVER platform integrating three core areas: e-learning, carer tolls and support networks.
Adaptation, customization and localization of the product in Greece, Spain, Netherlands and UK.
Conducting pilot tests with end users in Greece, Spain, Netherlands and UK.
Develop a business plan for the exploitation of the DISCOVER solution in European market.
Mobilise the local, national and European Stakeholders involved in care provision, care training and qualification/certification to raise awareness of DISCOVER.

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