e-SALUD: Mobility control in indoor environments
Project Duration: 
06/01/2011 to 12/31/2013
Cotesa (ES)
Financed By: 
Ministry of Science and Innovation. Government of Spain. Programme: Subprogramme Innpacto.
Project Partners: 
Fundación intras (ES)
Cotesa (ES)
Genasys (ES)
Uva (valladolid university) (ES)
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Project Context: 
Care management tools for health and social service centres require working on the development of technologies to cope with the complex daily planning and organization. The tools existing today are insufficient and do not have integrated systems that allow effective and efficient control of patients, staff, resources and services management. Even fewer tools allow feedback data from location systems or mobility control that would be of great value for improving the organization of the centres, including prevention of dangerous or critical situations or acting in emergency situations. The e-SALUD project was created to solve the problem of task management and healthcare activities in mobility applied both on material resources as well as on an y human resource associated.
Project Objectives: 
Offer & market a range of services and end applications aimed at providing comprehensive management of staff, activities and material resources of the healthcare centres, in order to improve both their internal management and quality of services provided
Project Actions: 
Analysis of the current state of social services and healthcare management.
Optimization and development of solutions aimed at improving the management and services offered.
Analysis of location technologies.
Analysis of healthcare management solutions based on Information Systems.
Design and development of the basic components of the global Healthcare Management System.
Development of ICT applications for Healthcare Control and Management.
Implementation of the Prototype for the pilot users of the project.
Contact Information: 

<p>INTRAS Foundation Santa Lucía Nº 19 1ª Planta. 47005 Valladolid. Spain Tef. 983 39 96 33 Fax 983 21 75 65 www.intras.es</p>