Methodological INNOVATION

e-RESATER platform is designed to be the first unified, interoperable and affordable tool in SUDOE territory that encourages and facilitates the methodological transfer, harmonized peer-to-peer monitoring, and practices compilation. These three main activities facilitate the development of these processes at a transnational level.

e-Resater website offers a number of services and innovative tools that are integrated in order to:

i. optimize its added value
ii. stimulate open innovation (according to grounded and integrated processes of continuous interactions and development)
iii. involve all relevant stakeholders to the production chain
iv. provide technology or innovative services.

The collaborative dimension and the methodological mechanism focused on the surveillance of perceived needs in rural areas (according to a methodology transfer and return of experience), will ensure the match between supply and demand. ViTLab follows a living lab methodology representing a unifying tool of accompaniment, providing support and access to actualized information, encourages the transfer of expertise within the framework of telemonitoring pilot applications and eInclusion software engineering, mediates the contact between professionals and other stakeholders involved in the production chain, optimizes the collaborations and promotes methodology and applications exchange in the medical and social fields.