Hosting and Piloting eHealth solutions

VITLAB web hosting services supports individuals and organizations to make their website o Web Based Platforms accessible via the World Wide Web or increase their visibility informing about the solution and means of access. Find out more about the service options that goes from a free service to a paid service for the more complex and costly operations (e.g. server rental; defining new evaluation tools and reporting measures).

If you want to load any web app', webpage or service onto ours you have to apply for it with a form that we will send to you by your request. Contact us to get more information about the service and tell us what you are looking for: i. prototype or product hosted in a VITLAB subdomain; ii. pilot activity (e.g. usability of app's, user experience analysis) for VITLAB or certificated labs counselling and mediation; iii. others.

This is a customizable service and the requests will be analysed individually. 

Contact us to know more about the service: