Match Supply & Demand

The gap between supply and demand not only contributes to a delay in meeting user’s needs, but it can also be expensive and generate waste in the system. For this reason, e-RESATER project develops this collaborative space thinking of you!


If you have a particular experience providing e-health and e-inclusion services, or want to integrate the process thinking that your experience, technology or ideas are valid to provide some advantages in this area…


If you are personally interested in using e-health or e-inclusion solutions or as a private or community provider…




Match Supply & Demandis a flexible collaborative workspace which stimulates the presentation of innovative scenarios, and the participation through information sharing with specific objectives. This space facilitates interaction with the Users' Committee and the Committee of Experts. Here you can generate and work ideas and concepts to implement in innovative projects, product design, and the validation of services, searching and getting the necessary support to your ideas.


Therefore, this platform enables to make a quick and effective contact between the Supply (entities offering services, products or methods) and the Demand (entities providing direct services, users, and other community and business entities that observe, analyze and disseminate the needs of market niches, defining the type of service or product they seek, its features and benefits).


These actions are formalized in the e-health and e-inclusion framework comprising all the process that includes the different steps: need observed, generation of an innovative idea, research, solution development, pilots, service delivery, feedback in real time, improvement of the solutions.

This VITLAB field allows you to:


Support Uptake

n Find collaboration opportunities,

n Find investors,

n Form or improve your Work Group,

n Count with the support of experts (professionals, managers, citizens),

n and much more…


Managing strategic innovation